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    Jumpsuit via Charming Charlie | Similar Jacket | Similar Slides here and here | Crossbody

    When I first saw this jumpsuit I knew instantly it had to be mine. I bet you’re thinking, “You have plenty of jumpsuits and this one looks no different from the ones you already own.” That’s exactly what my sorority sisters said while we were roaming around Charming Charlie a few weeks ago. And they were right, my jumpsuit collection is extensive but when something works you get it in every color/print/pattern, right?
     photo DSC_0694_zps4a2dey6z.jpg

     photo DSC_0704_zpsuusmucdq.jpg

     photo DSC_0710_zpsqvudzsyl.jpg

    However, this jumpsuit is different from the others I own. First, it’s not a neutral like the others hanging in my closet. It’s more of a stand out piece which made it that much more intriguing to me. I absolutely love the color, my power color, and the florals are just so darling. But at the end of the day my girlfriends were right, why do I need another jumpsuit? They also ragged on my for the fact that I like jumpsuits. So I put it back to where it was hanging and walked away.

    A few days later I was STILL thinking about this damn jumpsuit. And that got me thinking, why am I going water down my style (i.e. my essence) for other people? Sure, they may not get jumpsuits but that doesn’t mean I have to abide by their style rules, right? Why dull my sparkle just because someone else doesn’t get it? Don’t I want to encourage living that ‘extra’ life? So I drove back to Charming Charlie, purchases the jumpsuit and wore it the next time me and my sorority sisters were all together. They just laughed and told me they didn’t get my style. And you wanna know what, that’s fine by me.
     photo DSC_0714_zpsy9zfvch3.jpg

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     photo DSC_0706_zps5eprd31p.jpg

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    Get the Look:

    Jumpsuit via Charming Charlie | Similar Jacket | Similar Slides here and here | Crossbody

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