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    I Tried Beautycounter, Here are my Thoughts

    So I tried a few Beautycounter products and here are my thoughts on them. Answering the question, is it worth all the hype?

    The clean beauty revolution is going strong right now, and leading the charge is Beautycounter, the safe beauty advocate we all didn’t know we needed. When the clean beauty trend was first introduced, I was convinced it was merely the latest gimmick in the beauty community, you know like pastel highlighter. But then more and more I saw influencers talking about the benefits of clean beauty, mentioning specifically Beautycounter. So during their latest sale, I reached out to a BC consultant and got myself a starter pack.

    I’ve been using these BC products for over a month now and I gotta say, they don’t disappoint. Some are not my favorite, more on that below, but overall I’m impressed. I do appreciate that the company doesn’t test on animals, and of course that they use safer, non-toxic ingredients. Whether or not I’ll replenish my stash after I’ve used up all the products, time will tell, but for now I get where all the hype is coming from. Note, I have been using Beautycounter’s Countermarch Eye Rescue Cream for a few months and I love it! I went ahead and included it in the shopping widget below.


    I use the Rejuvenating Day Cream as my everyday moisturizer and I’m a fan. I talked about this product in this post but essentially I love it! It’s very hydrating and sinks into the skin effortlessly. I also like that it’s lightweight which is perfect for the summertime.

    I’m a huge fan of the No. 3 Balancing Facial Mask! It deep cleans and leaves my skin looking bright and smooth after each application. I feel like it does really good at removing excess oil too.

    The No. 2 Plumping Facial Oil is another favorite! It smells divine, I almost like it as much as my holy grail face oil. It’s supposed to reduce the appearance of fine lines which is always a plus.

    Now the Cleansing Balm seems to be a must-have for so many people but I don’t quite get it. I don’t really like my eye makeup being all over my face and I feel like the balm leaves my face feeling filmy. Maybe I’m applying it wrong, not sure.

    I would love to hear from y’all – what are you’re thoughts on clean beauty skincare products and makeup? Are you into it? 

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