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    Tula Product Review

    Tula products – is the hype real? Here are my thoughts and a review of a few products from the brand.


    I’m not gonna lie, with all the influencers pushing Tula products, I was skeptical to try the skincare brand. Everyone and their mom was pushing Tula HARD, complete with a 20% off code if you purchased from their links. I’m a content creator myself, I get it. But I still found it pretty hard to believe that the products were that good so I decided to try the brand for myself.

    After doing a little research on the different lines that Tula offers I decided to purchase the Anti-Aging Discovery Kit and the infamous Glow & Get it Eye Balm. This carefully selected batch of products gave me a great bang for my buck, plus I was testing out items I would actually use.

    A little background on Tula before I jump into my review. The skincare brand is known for using probiotics which we all know does wonders for your health when ingested. The idea that Tula was incorporating probiotics into their products for topical use was innovative. According to research, topical probiotics can strengthen the barrier of your skin, i.e. younger-looking skin which we all know is the holy grail. Personally, I love that the company incorporates natural ingredients into their products, like yogurt extract, chicory root extract, turmeric, white tea, blueberry extract, and vitamins such as A, C, and E.


    My Thoughts & Review of Tula Products

    Anti-Aging Discovery Kit – I’ve been using this kit for a little over two weeks now and I’m a fan! The kit comes with a Purifying Face Cleanser, the Deep Wrinkle Serum, the 24-7 Hydrating Day & Night Cream, the Instant De-puffing Eye Renewal Serum, and 2 individually wrapped Facial Skin Reviving Treatment Pads all in a limited-edition travel bag. When testing products, I definitely recommend going the “kit” route because it allows you to try different products within the same product line. I was impressed by the quality of the products included in the Discovery Kit.

    In full transparency, I can’t and don’t want to attest to these products being the main reason my skin has been looking great. I use a lot of skincare products and didn’t exclusively use Tula during the two week period. However, I can say that there were products within the kit that won me over. I love the way the cleanser made my skin feel after use and the treatment pads are a great option for double-cleansing. My skin has balanced out and has felt extra hydrated over the last few weeks, but again, I can’t with confidence, give all the credit to Tula.

    Glow & Get it Cooling and Brightening Eye Balm – This cooling and brightening stick seems to be one of their top-rated products so I had to see what all the hype was about. In all honesty, I feel a bit bamboozled, but first, let’s discuss the pros. I love that it comes in stick form because it makes it super easy to use and to travel with. It’s infused with caffeine, aloe, apple, watermelon, and blueberries which all sounds amazing. However, on to the cons. I don’t really feel a cooling effect when I apply and I don’t know if I notice a brightening effect either. Maybe it’s user error, I don’t know, but this isn’t my favorite product. As a note, I swipe some on after I apply primer but before I apply concealer.


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    Overall, I was impressed by Tula and do recommend trying the brand for yourself. I love that the company uses clean ingredients and that the products are free from parabens, propylene glycol, gluten, and mineral oil. Plus, the company’s products are also cruelty-free. I can, with certainty, say I’ll be permanently adding a few products to my skincare arsenal.


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