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    April Small Goals + March Recap

    Here we are, a brand spankin’ new month. So you know what that means – a recap of March’s small goals.


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    Denim (TTS) | Top (TTS) | Wedges (TTS) | Similar Hat

    It’s finally April, yahoo I can’t believe we’re so close to 2020, the idea of the New Year blows my mind. And how is it already the holiday season?! While I’m not the biggest fan of all the stress that usually comes with this time of the year, I do love all the festivities that come with it. Not to mention the outfits! I live for a good theme! Ok, let me stop my yapping and get right to it!

    March Recap:

    1.Two social media free days. I’m crossing this off but technically I had 1.5 social media free days last month. I completed one excruciating Sunday without hopping on the gram or any other social platform and got through half a day before I gave in. I’m hoping to make this the norm once a month.

    2.Pushup challenge. Nope nope nope nope, totally didn’t do this. I’ve been a lazy turd the last few weeks and was hoping this challenged would whip me in to shape. Well it didn’t, however, I am hoping to get back into the swing of things, at least as it relates to physical fitness.

    3.Clean out the kids’ closets. This was obviously not my month because this is something else I can’t cross of my list. I’m in desperate need to get the kid’s clothes in order for the new season so I’m kicking myself for not getting this done.




    April Small Goals:

    1.Clean out the kids’ closets. So we’re adding this back into the list because it needs to be freakin’ done. The kids dressers are spilling at the seams and I really need to get my act together and sort everything out.

    2.Clean out my closet. Add this to the list of closets I need to overhaul. I really need to transition out my winter wardrobe to spring and summer. Sweaters be gone, plus there are a lot of clothes that don’t spark joy anymore.

    3.Make prayer a priority. Not gonna lie, prayer is not a priority in my life. I want to make prayer a daily practice. I want to show gratitude for the great moments that often get overlooked AND I want to leave it all with God.




    Get the Look:

    Denim (TTS) | Top (TTS) | Wedges (TTS) | Similar Hat

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